Global OEM engine cooling manufacturer TitanX announced plans to enter the North American market under the name TitanXend.

TitanXend is currently finalizing collaboration plans with logistic partners on deliveries, product stock and product insights.

“Establishing a true OEM aftermarket brand, made in the US, is a win-win for our customers and us," said Cedric Huslin, vice president of TitanXend. “We can carry a large range of high quality products with quicker delivery as an alternative to the Chinese engine coolers currently dominating the market.”

TitanXend in North America will be headed by director Tom Genareo. His new responsibilities will be serving as the OEM sales manager and other operational roles.

“We really believe that our aftermarket focus in combination with our market-leading OEM products, will fill a need in North America," said Genareo. "Our ambition is to quadruple our current sales level in three years.”

TitanX Engine Cooling is a global supplier of commercial vehicle engine cooling solutions and service to OEMs of trucks, buses, off-highway equipment and industrial diesel engines. The company is based in Gothenburg, Sweden.