A Brooklyn, N.Y., federal court has charged a doctor with falsifying certifying physical examinations for commercial drivers.

The complaint alleges that Dr. Gerald Surya claimed that he had examined applicants for commercial driver’s licenses and found them fit to drive – without actually performing the examinations. Dr. Surya was authorized to conduct mandated U.S. Department of Transportation examinations at his JFK Medport office in JFK Airport.

Drivers looking to obtain a CDL are required to be examined by a physician or qualified medical personnel to be certified as fit to drive. Two applicants who went in to Dr. Surya’s office for examinations were not examined by Dr. Surya, but by other JFK Medport staff members who had little or no medical training and were not authorized to conduct the mandated examinations.

Starting last year, new rules required medical professionals who perform CDL exams be certified as meeting baseline training and testing standards.

“Dr. Surya’s conduct put at risk pedestrians as well as other drivers,” said Kelly T. Currie, acting United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York. “We are committed to aggressively investigating and prosecuting those who would commit crimes that compromise the safety of the public.”

The case is being prosecuted by the Office’s Public Integrity Section. If convicted, Dr. Surya could face a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison.