MacroPoint announced that it has been granted a seventh United States patent for the company’s freight tracking system.

The company’s patent portfolio now includes nearly 150 patent claims and covers systems and methods for monitoring the location of freight carried by a vehicle.

MacroPoint’s freight tracking software is designed to give third-party visibility into load status by monitoring and tracking the location of a driver’s mobile phone or existing ELD or GPS devices.

Patents covering MacroPoint technology are meant to protect the company’s freight tracking technology systems and surrounding technology. MacroPoint has successfully defended its patent portfolio in the past and the company said it continues to take any infringement on its patents seriously.

“We continue to protect our freight tracking software with new patents to verify the exclusivity of our technology for automated tracking of freight by brokers, shippers, and 3PLs,” said Bennett Adelson, president of MacroPoint.

“We are also expanding the number of patent claims to define what our patents cover so our growing customer base has proof that we own the underlying methods and intellectual property and that MacroPoint technology is properly licensed," he added.