The desktop and mobile solutions of uDrove will now integrate with ITS Dispatch's software offering, providing expanded control over fleet and driver operations.

Information from uDrove’s smartphone app and on-road devices will be automatically uploaded into the ITS Dispatch software. Fleet managers will also have access to more analytics, such as truck and fuel reports, and can review data from an entire fleet or individual trucks.

“This is an opportunity for our customers to expand control over their fleet and increase their productivity,” said Tal Rahaman, ITS Dispatch general manager. “With IFTA reporting, driver logs, and all the back-office needs of drivers and brokers nowadays, an integration with a telematics provider like uDrove can do a lot to lighten that load.”

ITS dispatch is dispatching software for small- to medium-sized brokerages. Users can track carriers and shipments, create invoices, perform key accounting functions and post directly to

UDrove provides telematics and fleet management solutions using mobile devices and electronic log devices. Drivers can use uDrove to keep records for driver logs, track mileage, record fuel and business expenses, complete electronic vehicle inspection and proof of delivery and keep and track mileage for IFTA reporting.