Photo via Propel Fuels

Photo via Propel Fuels

Propel Fuels is offering its Diesel High Performance Renewable fuel at locations across Southern California, the company announced.

The fuel will be made available at 13 Propel locations in Southern California markets, including Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and the Inland Empire.

Diesel HPR is a low-carbon renewable fuel that meets petroleum diesel specifications and can be used in any diesel engine.

Propel said the fuel offers better performance and reduces greenhouse gases due to reduced emissions of nitrogen oxide and particulates compared with petroleum-based diesel.

In addition to new retail locations, Propel has launched Diesel HPR in commercial and bulk availability for business and government fleets statewide.  Delivered in bulk to fleets, Propel’s Diesel HPR is bundled with the company’s CleanDrive emissions accounting software, allowing fleets to more easily quantify and report GHG reductions and air quality benefits.

Diesel HPR contains no petroleum and is designated as ASTM D-975, which is the standard for ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel in the U.S. and is recognized as CARB diesel by the California Air Resources Board.  

The renewable diesel’s high combustion quality results in similar or better vehicle performance when compared to conventional video, according to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Alternative Fuels Data Center.

"Drivers across Southern California can now experience the power, performance and value of Diesel HPR, while making a positive impact on the air quality of the region," said Rob Elam, CEO of Propel. "Any diesel vehicle can fill with Diesel HPR since it meets the ASTM D-975 quality standard for petroleum diesel."