Dave Nemo

Dave Nemo

Tech Talk with TMC, produced jointly by American Trucking Associations’ Technology & Maintenance Council and longtime trucking radio personality Dave Nemo, will celebrate its 500th show on July 28. 

TMC Technical Director Robert Braswell appears on Nemo's radio program each Tuesday, along with a veteran TMC member, covering issues involving maintenance, inspection and specification of brakes, on-board vehicle electronics and electrical systems, engines, seating, tires and wheels, trailers, transmissions, chassis and suspensions.

“With input from these seasoned professionals and TMC's vast pool of knowledge, Tech Talk with TMC is a real winning combination," said Carl Kirk, TMC executive director and an ATA vice president. “I'm glad to see listeners take advantage of TMC’s special Owner Operator membership category.” 

Guest speakers take live calls and emails from SiriusXM’s RoadDog Trucking audience, heard on SiriusXM Channel 146. The 500th episode will be broadcast on July 28 at 10:05 a.m. EDT. 

The Dave Nemo Show can be heard daily throughout the United States and Canada from 7-11 a.m. eastern time on Sirius/XM 146, SiriusXM online and on the Sirius/XM mobile app. 

TMC is a technical society for truck equipment technology and maintenance professionals. Membership includes equipment managers, service-dealers, owner-operators, industry suppliers and manufacturers, educators, academia and others that support the trucking industry.