IDEA winner Ross Reynolds. Courtesy of CVSA

IDEA winner Ross Reynolds. Courtesy of CVSA

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance has named Con-way Freight driver Ross Reynolds the first winner of its  International Driver Excellence Award.

The International Driver Excellence Award recognizes drivers who go above and beyond the performance of their duties as drivers and maintain a safe operation and compliance record over a long period of time. 

Reynolds has been driving trucks since 1978 and has driven more than 2 million miles over the course of 40 years without an accident. For his driving record he’s received several company awards and was a finalist for the America’s Road Team three years in a row.

He is based out of Con-way Freight’s Tucson, Ariz., service center and has placed in the top four of ever Arizona State Truck driving Championship from 2001 to 2010. With his time and experience on the job, Reynolds is also a mentor to other drivers.

“I really enjoy teaching and coaching other drivers,” said Reynolds. “Seeing ‘the lights come on’ when they finally understand a topic or are able to negotiate an obstacle for the TDC, like parallel parking, for the first time is very rewarding.’’

He conducts Con-way’s monthly service center safety training and developed a new program to educate drivers on the Smith System techniques of awareness, defensive driving and collision avoidance.

“He embodies everything we hoped for and more in an exceptional driver and a man of character," said Stephen A. Keppler, CVSA executive director. "We are so impressed by his unwavering, long-term commitment to public safety and his dedication to educating and guiding the drivers of tomorrow.”