Image via RevHD

Image via RevHD

Wheel-end parts manufacturer RevHD has launched a free wheel-end training course on its website for training and certifying mechanics on wheel-end repairs.

The online course covers products and platforms across the heavy-duty trucking industry including training on the double-nut system, spacer system unitized hubs and other products used on wheel ends. The course was created by RevHD co-owners Brian Beathard and Matt Stovall, based on their 20 years of wheel-end experience.

“Our goal is for participants to walk away feeling like they understand the entire wheel-end, and they’ve received value for the time invested in taking the course,” said Stovall.

After participants complete the 35-minute online training, there is a quiz on the information in the course. Successful completion of the quiz earns the participant a certificate demonstrating their level of understanding of various wheel-end systems as well as their ability to diagnose failures and correct them.

“Many courses out there do not offer a test to prove that any information has actually transferred from the instructor to the student,” said Stovall. “We wanted to provide quantifiable evidence the information we are providing is being absorbed by the participant.”

RevHD’s online training is available on its website now in English and Spanish. To contact RevHD, call 844-REV-SEALS.