More than 10,000 veterans and active duty personnel have taken advantage of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Military Skills Test Waiver Program, the FMCSA announced.

The Military Skills Test Waiver Program, begun in 2011, allows state licensing agencies to waive the skills test portion of the CDL application for veterans or active duty members who have at least two-years of safe driving experience operating a military truck or bus.

In the first three years of the program 6,000 military personnel obtained a CDL with 4,000 more using the waiver in the past 12 months.

“It is our duty to help returning veterans transition into civilian life, and I am proud that so many have used this program to secure careers in the transportation sector,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx. “Just as important, we want to put their valuable skills and experience to work driving the Nations’ economy.”

With the skills test waived, the CDL application process is sped up and the expenses are reduced for qualified individuals and state licensing agencies. The waiver program is conducted in cooperation with the Department of Defense and the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators.

“In the near future, the need for skilled truck drivers is expected to grow dramatically,” said Scott Darling, the FMCSA’s chief counsel.  “Having skillful and experienced drivers operating on our roadways will lead to increased safety for every member of the motoring public.”