A three-day protest at the Port of New Orleans by independent truck drivers has come to an end after meetings between the truckers and terminal operators, according to a report by The Times-Picayune.

The port truckers were protesting over the handling of damaged boxes near the unloading zone, a process that took several hours for which the drivers were not paid. The truckers said the time lost was costing them up to $300 a day.

The two sides met on Wednesday to discuss a resolution to the protest which facilitated an end to the dispute. The terminal operators have reportedly agreed to accelerate the process for truckers and trucking companies have agreed to pay drivers for moving the damaged boxes at the port.

According to earlier reports, the truckers had met with port officials and trucking companies prior to the protest but their concerns were not addressed sufficiently.

Port truckers across the country have expressed dismay at issues of pay and congestion this year as major shutdowns, inspections, and higher volumes of cargo have pushed drivers and terminals to the limits at several ports.