Two owners of a Brooklyn, NY, CDL driving school had to forfeit cash and assets totally more than $175,000 in a plea deal for charges stemming from a massive, 11-year long testing fraud scheme.

In January, Ying Wai Phillip Ng and his wife Pui Kuen Ng pleaded guilty to conspiracy to unlawfully produce identification documents. Phillip Ng will was also given a sentence of 100 hours of community service.

Between 2001 and 2012, the Ngs cheated about 500 customers through the written New York DMV CDL examination by providing their clients with answers during the test. They used a camera and pager system to feed answers to the test takers who in many cases did not speak or write in English.

The Ngs were caught in a larger investigation by the U.S. Transportation Department’s Office of Inspector General into alleged CDL test fraud taking place at five New York State DMVs.

Along with federal and state law enforcement agencies, surveillance operations were used to identify who was involved in the scheme-- which included DMV security personnel, external test-takers, facilitators, runners and lookouts, according to DOT.