Photo courtesy of Ryder.

Photo courtesy of Ryder.

Ryder System will lease natural gas vehicles (NGVs) to two fleet customers in Arkansas, marking the first time it has offered NGVs in the state, the company announced.

Alpha Packaging and Boyd Metals Transportation have signed full service lease agreements for seven compressed natural gas (CNG) tractors each, which will replace current Ryder-leased diesel-powered vehicles in their fleets.

Alpha Packaging, a corrugated box manufacturing company, will use its CNG vehicles to support its deliveries to areas within 300 miles of its Greenwood, Ark., manufacturing facility. Boyd Metals Transportation will use its CNG vehicles to deliver its inventory of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and fiberglass products from its Fort Smith, Ark., warehouse.

The CNG vehicles for both Alpha Packaging and Boyd Metals Transportation will be maintained by Ryder at its Fort Smith, Ark., service facility that's being engineered to meet the compliance requirements for natural gas, according to Ryder.

Ryder has 17 NGV maintenance facilities and more than 2,200 NGV-trained technicians. Its CNG and liquefied natural gas (LNG) vehicles are deployed in customer fleets in 10 states and Canada.