Photo via Con-way Freight

Photo via Con-way Freight

The Teamsters union was defeated in a representation election at the Con-way Freight facility in Buffalo, N.Y. This marks the sixth election in which Con-way employees have voted against representation by the union.

“We are gratified by the vote of our Buffalo employees and the statement of confidence it represents in our company and our union-free philosophy,” said Greg Lehmkuhl, president of Con-way Freight. “We continue to believe that our path to success lies in maintaining an open, respectful and direct relationship with our employees without the interference of a third party.”

The Teamsters began trying to organize employees at several facilities last year, but had only marginal success. They were defeated in elections at three facilities in California, one in New Hampshire, and one in Harlingen, Texas.

“Time and again in these campaigns, we are surprised at the amount of misinformation spread by the union,” Lehmkuhl said. “When our employees have the opportunity to get the facts, understand clearly the value of what they have today, and recognize the advantages and opportunities they have in being union-free, they make an informed choice and reject the union.”

In addition to six lost elections, the Teamsters also withdrew petitions for votes at two facilities, presumably when it was apparent there weren’t enough votes to win. 

However, the union has been successful three times, most recently at a terminal in Miami Lakes, Fla. After the Florida win, the Teamsters pointed to a $60 million truck driver pay increase for 2015 at Con-way, which it said was influenced by the union’s organizing effort.