Police have issued 63 tickets to drivers involved in a 193-vehicle pile-up in January on Interstate 94 in Michigan, most for the same violation, according to a report on MLive.com.

A total of 58 people, including 30 truckers, are being cited for driving too fast for the conditions. The pile-up killed one truck driver, sent 23 people to the hospital and closed Interstate 94 for two days. A truck filled with chemicals that needed to be carefully removed from the site and a truck carrying fireworks which were set off by flames complicated the clean-up effort.

Three more drivers were ticketed for driving without insurance and another received two tickets for driving without a license and having improper license plates.

The tickets are being issued now, more than two months after the accident which occurred on January 9. Police had been conducting an investigation and released a statement Friday indicating that improper driving for the harsh winter weather was primarily to blame for the accident.