SAN ANGELO, TEXAS -- Fleets now have a new premium steer tire offering from Goodyear, the Fuel Max LHS.

The Fuel Max LHS features a multi-layered 18/32 tread-depth tread design with several features that Goodyear says improve casing integrity, and contribute to even wear and longer miles to removal. The sub-tread and base-tread compounds are optimized to reduce rolling resistance, while the tread cap compound promotes even wear and longer miles to removal.

The outside tread shoulder compound is designed to protect the pressure distribution groove from tearing, which also promotes more even wear. The tread also has penetration protectors, which along with the steel-belt casing package, help resist stone drilling and ultimately improve retreadability, Goodyear says.  

The new LHS steer tire joins the Fuel Max LHD G505D drive tire in Goodyear's premium low-rolling-resistance tire lineup. The LHD G505D, released last October, is designed to improve fuel economy by incorporating fuel-efficient compounds, tire construction and tread designs to lower the rolling resistance of the tires. The new features include a highly siped center rib and lateral grooves for better all season traction and Goodyear's Tredlock technology which contains interlocking micro-grooves and a wide tread to help stabilize the tread. The G505D has 24/32 tread depth.

Both tires are SmartWay verified.

“We know that fuel is a long haul fleet’s number-one expense,” said Buckham. “If you’re a fleet, the quickest way to reduce your operating cost is to reduce your fuel consumption. That’s exactly what our Goodyear Fuel Max LHD G505D/Fuel Max LHS combination is designed to do, while at the same time delivering other benefits that are important to long haul fleets.”

Goodyear says a trailer tire to compliment the new premium steer and drive tire will be unvieled later this year.