Transflo Mobile+ app for iPhone.

Transflo Mobile+ app for iPhone. 

Pegasus TransTech has updated the Transflo Mobile+ app with version 1.3 which includes load reconciliation and in-app migration from the legacy app, Transflo Mobile. 

The Transflo Mobile+ app is a multifaceted app that carriers use for document scanning, load tendering, submitting accident photos and OS&D information and as a way for drivers and carriers to communicate inside and outside of a truck. Version 1.3 notifies drivers using the legacy Transflo Mobile app to upgrade to Transflo Mobile+ in order to access all of these features.

The update also includes a way for drivers to reconcile loads tendered with their device with the paperwork that needs to be scanned. The app allows drivers to identify which loads have scanned paperwork and which loads do not.

“We want our customers and driver users to benefit from all of the features included in Transflo Mobile+,” said Frank Adelman, president and CEO of Pegasus TransTech. “The latest release includes easy steps for users to migrate from our legacy application – so they can take advantage of all the app has to offer.”

The Transflo Mobile+ 1.3 update is available as a free download on the Apple App Store or Google Play.