Over the past several weeks, the logistics security services provider FreightWatch International has received reports of more than 40 pilferage events at truckstops and highway pull-offs in one state.

They have been along Interstate 40 between West Memphis, Arkansas, and Forrest City, Arkansas, and along Interstate 55 between West Memphis and Turrell, Arkansas.

According to a bulletin, cargo criminals used the “shopping” technique where they broke the seal on the trailer, opened the door to view the contents, determined if the goods were of value, usually targeting items easily fenced, and sometimes leaving uninteresting loads untouched. Items stolen during these incidents have ranged from poultry to firearms. Law enforcement has apprehended one suspect in connection with these events while the investigation continues.

FreightWatch has advised drivers travelling through this area should be extra vigilant and immediately report any suspicious observations to the police and their dispatchers. 

"Layered security programs, including covert GPS tracking and active monitoring, are essential to ensure that proper protocol is being followed and can be invaluable during the recovery process should a theft occur,” said FreightWatch. “Additionally, if stops in this area are unavoidable, it is recommended that drivers back their trailer against a solid structure to impede tampering with seals or trailer doors.”