Maxwell Technologies signed an agreement with Purkeys for distribution of Maxwell’s Engine Start Module product line to the heavy-duty trucking industry. The agreement will allow Purkeys to take orders for Maxell’s ESM in North America.

Maxwell expects Purkeys to expand its North American Sales of the ESM and provide customer service and outreach to fleets and OEMs. In addition to distribution, Purkeys will provide integration services for solving electrical system challenges with Maxwell products.

Maxwell’s ESM is an ultracapacitor-based source of power dedicated to starting diesel truck engines. Ultracapacitors store energy electrically rather than chemically like a traditional battery. Ultracapacitors can charge and discharge in fractions of a second and perform well in extreme temperatures. The ESMs range in capacity from one to 3,400 farads and come in multi-cell modules from 12-60 volts.

“The Purkey’s team has been addressing the electrical needs of heavy-duty fleets for 20 years and they have the experience to support sales, service and applications across the industry,” said Franz Fink, president and CEO of Maxwell.

Purkeys is an electirical system ditributor for heavy-duty fleets. It builds custom electrical solutions for fleets and provides customer service to anticipate and address electrical system problems as well as comply with new regulations. 

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