ACS Advertising is one of three properties purchased from Pegasus TransTech by industry executives Kelley Walkup and Joanne Hazelwood. The company was renamed Conversion Interactive Agency.

ACS Advertising will continue to serve over 200 companies under its new name. In addition to ACS, the two business leaders also purchased and the Recruiting & Retention Conference from Pegasus.

“I’m excited about being a part of the most progressive advertising agency in transportation and being able to bring my resources and contacts in and outside of the industry,” said Hazlewood.

Walkup was the leader of ACS Advertising for nearly 20 years where she directed the strategic vision for the company, while Hazelwood is the former executive vice president of Innovative Computing Corporation where she oversaw the company’s sales and marketing team. Walkup will serve as the president and CEO of Conversion Interactive Agency and Hazelwood will be the agency’s co-chairman.

“Our name has changed but the commitment we have to serving our clients and helping them grow their fleet and retain their drivers has not,” said Walkup.

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