The Teamsters Union has lost another vote in its recent efforts to organize more drivers at FedEx Freight.

According to results released Wednesday by the company, a majority of drivers at the company’s Charleston, West Virginia terminal on Jan. 15 voted against union representation. Vote totals were not disclosed by the company.

The Teamsters also reportedly withdrew an upcoming election petition at the FedEx Freight service center in Clarksburg, West Virginia. As it has stated before when other votes had been cancelled, FedEx said, “The union would only take this action if it recognized that it would lose.”

The Teamsters has now lost the vote or withdrawn its petition in the last seven elections in a row at FedEx Freight, according to the company. Since winning its first organizing election at FedEx Freight in October, the union has scored victories at a total of three FedEx terminals.

This comes as the Teamsters have also been trying to organize drivers at rival Con-way Freight, winning its first election last year. So far it has chalked up five losses at Con-way Freight and three wins, since scoring its first victory there in September.