Photo courtesy of J.J. Keller.

Photo courtesy of J.J. Keller.

J.J. Keller is offering a truck driving school program designed to train student drivers to use electronic logs. The program features the Encompass E-Log system from J.J. Keller.

Once the pending electronic logging device mandate all drivers subjected to the federal HOS and logging rules will be required to use E-Logs to do this. Because of this, it will be key for new drivers to understand how to use the system, according to J.J. Keller.

Through the program, participating schools will receive up to five J.J. Keller ELDs at a discounted price. The ELDs collect engine data and send it via Bluetooth to the J.J. Keller Mobile app which can be installed on most smart devices. The ELDs work with all classes of vehicles used for training and install in less than 10 minutes.

The app can also be used to fill out electronic driver vehicle inspection reports and data is transferred to the J.J. Keller Encompass online dashboard. Driving programs will be able to monitor a student’s use of E-Logs and E-DVIRs against parts 395 and 396 of the DOT regulations.

The program also comes with web based implementation training so driving school instructors can learn how to install the ELDs, download and use the mobile app and log onto the Encompass dashboard.

“This new program is a great way to help drivers entering the industry be more successful,” said Betty Weiland, J.J. Keller’s senior editorial manager for transportation. “By partnering with driving schools, we can help both student drivers and the fleets they’ll work for be well prepared for the road ahead.

For more information on the J.J. Keller ELD Driving School Program, call 800-843-3174 ext. 8523 and for more information on the J.J. Keller Encompass E-Log system, click here.