James Edward Burns: Photo via Blu.

James Edward Burns: Photo via Blu.

Blu LNG named James Edward Burns as the company’s new president, leading day-to-day operations and directing strategic focus. Blu intends to expand into a broader liquid natural gas market outside of trucking, including marine, mining, rail, oil and gas, and other applications.

An emphasis will remain in the trucking market, but Burns will lead an effort to expand the company’s reach into domestic LNG use through new innovations, according to Blu.

Burns is an industry veteran with nearly 25 years of energy sector experience in senior positions with Shell, Texaco, and ARCO. Burns worked for Shell for 14 years in LNG-related positions including general manager for LNG for transportation and global LNG finance officer.

Blu is an LNG infrastructure company operating 24 LNG fueling locations as well as providing customer support for natural gas applications.