Rep. Tom Petri

Rep. Tom Petri

Rep. Tom Petri did not violate House rules and the review of his conduct will be dropped, the House Ethics Committee said in a decision that comes just as Petri ends his 35-year career in Congress.

The Wisconsin Republican, for years a leading transportation legislator, had been under review for allegedly acting improperly on behalf of companies in which he had a financial interest.

Petri, who himself asked for the investigation, fought the allegations, arguing that he and his staff sought and followed Ethics Committee guidance.

On December 11 the committee essentially acknowledged that Petri was correct.

“Representative Petri repeatedly sought guidance from the Committee staff and … engaged in a substantially complete and accurate – albeit imperfect – level of disclosure,” the committee said.

“His conduct appears to have substantially complied with the staff’s guidance. Therefore, it would be inequitable to subject his conduct to an additional review.”

Petri said the committee’s finding confirms his contention that he acted properly.

“I regularly consulted with the Committee to ensure everything was done in accordance with House rules,” he said in a statement.

Petri is retiring from Congress at the end of the year.