Capacity Trucks sponsored a raffle to raise money for a local food bank using the Ice Bucket Challenge, a popular viral internet campaign to raise awareness for ALS. Capacity donated the $1,600 it raised to the East Texas Food Bank.

Scott Lord, CEO of Capacity, initially promised to donate $250 to ALS if the company made its budget for the quarter. Later, he decided to expand the scope of the charity and the company came up with the idea of a raffle.

“Our employees are part of the local community and passionate about giving back, so we decided to take it a step further,” said Lord.

Capacity sponsored a raffle where employees could purchase tickets for a chance to dump ice water over the company’s management.

“Needless to say, raffle ticket sales were rampant,” added Lord.

Capacity Trucks is a terminal tractor manufacturer for ports, intermodal, and warehouse and distribution centers globally. The company is based in Longview, Texas.