Photo via Achates Power.

Photo via Achates Power.

Achates Power Inc., the developer of modern two-stroke, opposed-piston engines, says it has secured another contract with a leading global original-equipment manufacturer. The company now has five customers  for whom it is developing variations of its designs.

The customers represent five different engine applications: passenger vehicle, light commercial vehicle, heavy commercial vehicle, military, and marine and stationary power, according to David Johnson, president and CEO of Achates Power.

Three of the customers require Achates to keep their identities confidential. Two whose contracts have been announced are Fairbanks Morse, which has built large OP diesels of earlier designs since the late 1930s; and the U.S. Army’s Tank Automotive, Research, Development and Engineering Center, which is funding work on a light/medium-truck diesel.

The designs will enable users to meet the world’s most stringent current and future fuel efficiency and emissions standards, which include EPA 2010, Euro 6 and Tier 3/LEV 3, among others, without additional cost or complexity, Johnson said.

Customers are based in the United States, Japan, Europe, China and India. Its current engine programs range from 45 hp to more than 5,000 hp.

Achates has experienced record growth throughout 2014, with annual revenue increasing by more than 300%, he said. It has expanded its staff and added facilities near its headquarters and labs in the San Diego area.

 “Our substantial investment has enabled extensive research, development and testing so that our engine technology will reach production within this decade,” Johnson added. 


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