The new logo (left) vs. the outgoing one.

The new logo (left) vs. the outgoing one. 

After a two-month effort, the Truckload Carriers Association has adopted a revised logo to represent the organization.

The new look retains the shield design and colors but modernizes design to be easier to read and to be more print friendly, according to an announcement.

The TCA logo has gone through several iterations in its more than 75-year history. Gone is the outline of the United States, reflecting the TCA’s mix of both U.S. and Canadian members. A road now encircles the shield, representing new horizons, higher education and more efficient ways of doing things, says the association.

The road also symbolizes the road ahead, pointing the way to new members, new relationships and networking opportunities between those members and more prosperity, according to TCA.

The new logo is the first major change since Brad Bentley took over as president of the TCA.

“Our new leader is a direct reflection of where we’re going in the future and the connections we are forging with both our current and potential members,” said Shepard Dunn, chairman of the TCA. “The logo is fresh, it’s new, and it connects with a new generation and captures who we are.”