Photo: Clean Energy Fuels

Photo: Clean Energy Fuels

Mansfield Clean Energy Partners (MCEP), the joint venture of Clean Energy Fuels Corp. and Mansfield Energy Corp., has officially opened the first compressed natural gas (CNG) station built to serve the MCEP venture.

Located in Doraville, Ga., the new card-lock natural gas fueling station will fuel Mansfield’s fleet of 12 natural gas trucks, along with other area fleets. The station will showcase the potential natural gas fuel brings to the significant bulk fuel hauling market segment, according to Clean Energy.

Natural gas fuel costs more than $1 less per gallon than gasoline or diesel, depending on local market conditions. The use of natural gas fuel not only reduces operating costs for vehicles, but also reduces greenhouse gas emissions up to 30 percent in light-duty vehicles and 23 percent in medium- to heavy-duty vehicles. In addition, virtually all natural gas consumed in North America is produced domestically.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet