A group of moving companies is asking for an exemption from the 14-hour limitation in the hours of service rules.

The International Association of Movers, a global trade association representing van lines and others, asked the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to let drivers work after the 14th hour in certain circumstances.

The exemption would apply only when a driver needs to move the truck to a safe overnight parking place following unavoidable delays in the day’s work.

The rules prohibit drivers from driving after the 14th hour on duty following 10 hours off. The exemption would permit driving up to 75 miles or 90 minutes after the 14-hour period, and could only be used after the driver notified the carrier.

IAM is looking for an exemption not just for its members but all household goods movers. It told the agency that the moving sector has unique operating characteristics because customers often change plans and the driver must accommodate those changes.

This does not happen often, but when it does the driver is faced with two choices: either stop the loading or unloading in order to move the truck within the 14-hour limit, or finish the work and leave the truck where it is for the mandatory 10-hour break.

IAM told the agency that the exemption is akin to the HOS provision that gives short-haul carriers an increased driving window once a week.

The agency is looking for comments on the petition, which is scheduled for publication in Wednesday’s Federal Register.