An effort by the Teamsters Union to organize drivers at the FedEx Freight terminal in Newark, New Jersey was rejected in a Wednesday vote.

“We are pleased to report that a majority of city and road drivers at the Newark facility voted against union representation and in favor of continuing a direct relationship with management,” said Michele Ehrhart, communications director for FedEx. “We are proud of our employees for doing their homework on the union and making an informed decision against third party interference.”

The Teamsters had yet to issue a statement as of Thursday morning.

The vote came as part of a wider effort to organize FedEx Freight drivers. Last month the union chalked up its first two wins at FedEx Freight terminals but lost votes at two other facilities for collective bargaining.

Organizing votes are set for four other FedEx terminals later this month while the union recently withdrew one planned vote.

The only other workers at FedEx represented by a union are the company’s pilots. Drivers at rival UPS, including in its UPS Freight division, are represented by the Teamsters.