Photo of 2015 Chevrolet Express by Vince Taroc.

Photo of 2015 Chevrolet Express by Vince Taroc.

General Motors has added several new enhancements to its Chevrolet Express and GMC Savana for the 2015 model year, as its 2015 Chevrolet City Express compact van replaces the 1500-level full-size model that has been discontinued.

The automaker outlined the new features during a presentation at Bobit Business Media's Torrance, Calif., headquarters on Nov. 7. GM representatives gave an overview of the three vans as well as the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado pickup that marks its return to the mid-size pickup segment since discontinuing the earlier Colorado after the 2012 model year. The Colorado and GMC Canyon are all-new vehicles based on a model sold outside of the U.S.

GM will offer the 2015-MY Express and Savana as a 2500 and 3500 cargo or passenger van, as well as a 4500 model with a cutaway body. The vans are available in various configurations with three engine choices, including a 6.0L Vortec V-8 that remains the only V-8 available in the segment. The models are again available with a CNG/LPG prep package. GM sells its full-size vans in either a 135- or 155-inch wheelbase.

The passenger model can accommodate eight, 12, or 15 passengers and is used as airport shuttles. The regular length (135-inch) 2500 and 3500 seats eight or 12, while the 155-inch 3500 seats 12 or 15. Seating for 12 is standard, while seating for eight or 15 is optional.

New features for 2015 include side-cut keys that improve security, additional cargo-area lighting, standard OnStar for the passenger model, digital radio with integrated Bluetooth, and a standard 110-volt power outlet.

The 2015-MY cutaway model is available as a single rear wheel or dual rear wheel vehicle. The single rear wheel model is available with a 139- or 159-inch wheelbase. The 139-inch wheelbase model can be purchased with GVWRs of 8,600, 9,900, or 10,100 pounds. The 159-inch model can be purchased with GVWRs of 9,900 or 10,100 pounds. The highest GVWR is a Class 3 chassis.

The dually 4500 cutaway is available with a 139-, 159-, or 177-inch wheelbase. The Class 3 139-inch wheelbase GVWRs includes 10,050 and 12,300 pounds. The 159-inch wheelbase dually cutaway is available in three Class 3 chassis models (10,050, 12,300, and 13,980 pounds) and a Class 4 chassis (14,200 GVWR).

The 177-inch wheelbase, which was added for the 2013-MY, is available as a Class 3 chassis (12,300 GVWR) or Class 4 chassis (14,200 GVWR).

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