Freight transportation and parcel delivery company UPS has announced increased rates for several of its operations effective Dec. 29.

They will increase an average of 4.9% for UPS Freight along with the company’s ground, air and international operations for shipments within and between the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.

UPS previously announced that it will apply dimensional weight pricing to all UPS Ground services and UPS Standard to Canada packages. UPS already applies this method for UPS air service, both domestic and international, UPS Standard to Mexico ground service and for UPS Ground packages and UPS Standard to Canada packages measuring 3 cubic feet in size or larger.

The dimensional weight pricing change also takes effect on Dec. 29.

Last month, UPS’s rival, FedEx, announced a similar rate increase averaging 4.9% starting Jan. 5, for FedEx Freight, along with its express, ground and home delivery operations. This rate change applies to eligible FedEx Freight shipments within the U.S., between the U.S. and Canada, within Canada, between the U.S. and Mexico, and within Mexico.

FedEx previously announced in May 2014 that it will apply dimensional weight pricing to all FedEx Ground shipments, taking effect also on January 5.