Drivers can get continually updated road condition information through Telogis Navigation.

Drivers can get continually updated road condition information through Telogis Navigation

Mack Trucks Monday said it activated Fleet Management Services, a bundle of software to manage compliance and navigation functions through Telogis, its first partner in the venture. The product uses a “black box” data collection and transmitting device installed since January on several Mack truck models.

Fleet Management Services uses Guard Dog Connect telemetry via that black box and cell-phone networks to send data to Mack “cloud” e-storage facilities. Data then go either to Mack dealers for servicing of engine and exhaust aftertreatment problems or to Telogis, to facilitate the added functions, explained John Walsh, vice president of marketing.

The new services enhance operations, reduce costs and increase safety for customers, he said, and eliminate the need for aftermarket hardware purchases and installation costs for Macks built recently. 

The services are available on Mack Pinnacle, Granite and Titan models built since January. Previous models with 2013-compatible on-board diagnostics, called OBD 13, can have the black box and associated equipment installed by Mack dealers. 

Telogis has equipment that can tie in pre-OBD 13 Mack models to telemetry-based services, said Kevin Moore, the company’s vice president of global OEM sales. Teogis earlier announced data-related services for vehicles from General Motors, Hino, Volvo and Ford of Europe. 

Telogis uses proprietary Mack data, including driver and vehicle performance history, for the initial Fleet Management Services offer, he said. Telogis Compliance enables drivers to manage and meet hours-of-service requirements and complete Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports. 

Telogis Navigation delivers continually updated road conditions collected from a community of more than 140,000 commercial drivers in North America, helping Mack customers to avoid potential delays and make on-time deliveries, Moore said. 

Another available product is Telogis Fleet, a comprehensive, scalable management service, said David Pardue, Mack’s vice president of aftermarket business development. With it, customers can view critical information for all the trucks in their fleets on one “dashboard” to help run their fleets safely and efficiently. 

Compliance and Navigation are offered as a separate package, or can be taken with Telogis Fleet, he said. Mack’s first collaboration is with Telogis, but customers can use other providers as part of Fleet Management Services. 

The services provide a quick payback on investment through reduced operating costs and greater efficiencies, the executives said.