Photo: Marangoni

Photo: Marangoni

Parmenter Inc. celebrated 40 years in business recently, according to Marangoni Tread North America, which uses Parmenter as a Ringtread dealer. Ringtread is a splice-less technology developed by Marangoni for making retreaded tires.

A celebration was held for Parmenter in Odessa, N.Y., that included a plant tour, tire condition seminar, and tire press demonstration, as well as a show truck and work truck competition.

Parmenter was started in 1974 in Montour Falls, N.Y., by Ron Parmenter, later expanding to six locations in upstate New York.

In addition to being a full-service retread plant, Parmenter offers other services such as commercial roadside assistance, diesel engine service, commercial and passenger vehicle service, wheel powder coating, pick-up and delivery and a mounted wheel program.