The new National Registry Verification Service from J.J. Keller ensures for motor carriers that medical examiners performing DOT mandated physicals on drivers are officially qualified to do so.

Motor carriers are required by mandate to verify that physicians performing the physicals are qualified to do so, but because they aren’t required to conduct the verification process themselves, carriers can offload the work to another source.

The National Registry Verification Service will process the required paperwork, confirming that a physician is qualified to perform the physical and is included in DOT’s National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners.

If a discrepancy is found, the National Registry Verification Service will contact the motor carrier to ensure corrective action is taken.  

“In an effort to reduce administrative burden and recordkeeping requirements imposed on carriers, J.J. Keller’s new service greatly increases overall compliance and assists with meeting regulatory requirements,” said Kari DuBois, director of managed services at J.J. Keller.

The National Registry Verification Service is available to new and existing clients of J.J. Keller’s driver qualification management services.

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