Graphic via Wabco.

Graphic via Wabco.

HANOVER -- Wabco introduced its OptiPace predictive cruise control system for trucks and buses that uses on-board digital maps and proprietary algorithms to anticipate and adapt a vehicle's speed based on the road ahead.

Unveiled at the international IAA Commercial Vehicles show in Germany, the system is designed to help drivers and fleets achieve more economic vehicle operation when going up and down slopes to save fuel and reduce wear-and-tear on brakes.

Wabco says the OptiPace system is the first in a series of predictive cruise control innovations, which will allow for additional combined safety and efficiency functionalities such as optimization of the vehicle’s speed based on road curves ahead, automatic compliance with speed limits and integration with Wabco's’s adaptive cruise control.

“OptiPace marks another level of differentiation for Wabco in vehicle safety and efficiency technologies,” said Leon Liu, president of truck, bus and car OEMs at Wabco. “Alongside considerable potential for fuel savings, this advanced driver assistance system contributes to a greener world through lower vehicle emissions.”

Wabco expects OptiPace to be in series production beginning in 2016, adding that the company recently signed a new long-term supply agreement with a major commercial vehicle manufacturer to make that happen.

In addition to its Adaptive Cruise Control, OnGuard active braking system and OnLane lane departure warning, Wabco sees OptiPace as part of its larger portfolio of driver assistance products aimed at making trucks safer and more efficient.