Instrument Sales and Service is expanding its remanufacturing business into the off highway, heavy-duty truck and fleet markets.

ISS, which remanufactures automotive electronics, says it will apply its expertise to a full spectrum of remanufacturing solutions for off highway and heavy-duty truck electromechanical components. These components include instrumentation, displays, navigation, electronic control modules, HVAC controls, driver interface switchgear, radios and vehicle sensors.

ISS says that it will do this with its ability to implement remanufacturing programs for parts that are either no longer economical to produce new, or that require a designed-in remanufacturing strategy from the start of volume production.

This will improve product lifecycle profitability for OEMs, enhance service and extend product life for the customer, the company says.

One of ISS’s goals with the remanufacturing process is to design and implement a past model parts service program so that it blends as seamlessly as possible with an existing OEM program.

“Not only will OEMs who partner with ISS reap the benefits associated with having a remanufacturing partner, they will also realize streamlined efficiencies, extended product lifecycle service support and improved customer satisfaction and retention,” said ISS remanufacturing GM Pat Mayo.