Photo: IdleAir Facebook page

Photo: IdleAir Facebook page

Truckstop electrification services provider IdleAir reports it continues to grow its number of locations since reopening under a new owner about four years ago.

It currently operates more than 30 travel center locations in 15 states and had increased its dedicated fleet terminal installations to five facilities since its launch in late 2013. It currently has terminal installations with the trucking companies C.R. England, Con-way Truckload, CalArk, Werner Enterprises and TSI/Panamex.

Terminal results in 2014 have exceeded expectations, with summertime usage at multiple locations exceeding 15 hours per day for each IdleAir space, according to the company.

“The success of IdleAir's terminal initiative has added three more major carriers to our growing list of companies that see IdleAir terminals as part of their fuel savings plans,” the company said in a release. “IdleAir expects to launch five more terminals by early 2015, with demand accelerating for multiple locations within our carrier partners' footprints.”

In the first half of 2014, IdleAir also completed construction of four additional Pilot Flying J installations in Laredo and Robinson Texas; Pearl, Mississippi, and Beaverdam, Ohio. It expects all to begin full operations this quarter. The company also has construction plans under way for Pilot Flying J locations in Seville and Austintown, Ohio, and Latta, South Carolina.

By early 2015, IdleAir expects to launch eight more travel center locations, including locations in Kentucky and Alabama.

“The strong performance of IdleAir's new dedicated fleet terminals has validated our ‘dual-path’ strategy,” said Ethan Garber, CEO. “We are creating a scalable hub-and-spoke network of major travel center hub locations paired with terminal spokes along high-traffic corridors. By realizing operational efficiencies while providing a high-level of support to our customers, we are able to deliver robust air conditioning savings at half the price of APUs.”

IdleAir is a division of Convoy Solutions, which purchased and then reopened the company in 2010, following failures by previous owners. Before the purchase by Convoy Solutions (then known as IdleAire), the company at one time boasted more than 100 locations, but reportedly never made a profit. The only indication of IdleAir's current financial state is a comment in the release that it "maintained a steady pace of adding profitable locations" in the first half of 2014.

In addition to helping truck drivers eliminate engine idling or running auxiliary power units while getting in-cab air conditioning or heating, the company also provides electricity, high-speed Internet, and DirecTV to trucks when parked at IdleAir-equipped facilities.