Net orders for trailers are up 45% for the first half of the year, despite June net orders dropping slightly from May, reports ACT Research.

June orders of 22,000 were off 1% month over month, but up 42% year over year, led by a surge in  liquid and bulk tank trailer orders.

Year-to-date net orders of 156,000 are up 45% over the same period last year.

“Strength in June came from specialty trailers, with platforms posting a 42% month over month gain, while liquid and bulk tanks both surged over 75% from May levels, said Frank Maly, director, CV Transportation Analysis and Research at ACT.

“The industry is also enjoying low cancellations, driven by firm fleet investment commitments,” he added. Maly noted that inventory rose 6% month over month, as tight capacity at fleets continues to interfere with pick-up of new equipment, although he added that some progress is expected in upcoming months.

This information was included in the most recent State of the Industry: U.S. Trailers published by ACT Research Co.