A Florida attorney is warning truck driver commercial licenses have been placed at further risk due to a change in Florida law.

Chris Carson, of Dale Carson Law in Jacksonville, said since early January, if a person holding a commercial driver’s license receives a moving violation and is found guilty, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles will no longer allow judges to withhold the points from the driver’s license.

“This means points will always be assessed if a CDL holder is found guilty of a moving violation. Since truckers are also prohibited from attending traffic school...a traffic citation could result in a commercial license being suspended or revoked, insurance costs rising significantly, and even the loss of a job,” he said in a release.

Prior to the law change, truckers could appear in court and oftentimes, convince the judge to withhold points. Under the new law, a complete dismissal is the only acceptable outcome for most CDL holders, he said.

 “This law will take many commercial drivers off the streets permanently if they are found guilty in the state of Florida,” Carson said. “Under the new law, all moving violations now have dramatic consequences for CDL holders.”