The Laclede Group has debuted its first Spire Natural Gas Fueling station near Lambert-St. Louis International Airport.

The station is located at 4231 Cypress Road, a site that maximizes customer convenience because it is close to Lambert and I-70, serving a number of airport shuttles, trucking fleets, school buses and passenger vehicles that run on compressed natural gas. Any compressed natural gas vehicle can fuel at this location. The station was designed for large class-8 trucks all the way down to passenger vehicles.

"This is about using a clean, affordable and abundant fuel that improves our communities, our businesses and the environment,” said Mike Spotanski, president of Spire. “Using natural gas as a transportation fuel reduces carbon monoxide emissions by 90 percent and virtually eliminates smog from vehicles. And drivers are choosing to fuel at Spire.”

Customers are able to fill their vehicles quickly and safely thanks to the high quality control technology and compression equipment, according to Laclede. The station is monitored around the clock with surveillance monitors and is well lit for customers who fuel overnight.