Truck drivers for New Century Transportation are reportedly interviewing for jobs at the company’s New Jersey terminal, while other carriers are moving freight left in the fleet’s system and a lawsuit has been filed, following the fleet's closure earlier this week and filing for bankruptcy liquidation.

The website of Landline magazine reports Estes Freight and others are working to get the last of New Century’s cargo delivered, following a Monday announcement that it was putting around a thousand drivers and a total of 1,500 employees out of work.

The good news for drivers, if there is any, is there are no reports of any being stranded on the road, as there were in December 2009 when Arrow Trucking shut down, with fuel cards being cut off.

In the meantime, a class action lawsuit has been filed by one driver’s attorney over the closing, claiming New Century violated New Jersey and federal laws, by not giving advanced notice of the closing. It seeks to recover two months worth of back pay and wages, along with severance pay.

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