Prices for used older and late-model medium- and heavy-duty trucks are down slightly compared to last year, according to vehicle industry data provider Black Book.

Older medium-duty trucks in the 2003-2010 model years moved down an average of $252 or 1.4%. Newer medium-duty trucks in the 2011-2012 model years came down on average $717 or 1.7% in April.

According to Black Book editorial director, Ricky Beggs, "The medium duty market seems to be settling into a more normal depreciation trend."

On the heavy duty side, 2011-2012 year models are within a tenth of a percent of last month’s movement. Heavy-duty construction and vocational trucks went down an average of $535 or 0.8%, while over-the-road tractors declined an average of $579 or 0.9%. Both of these segments depreciated a tenth of a percent more than last month’s drop, Beggs notes.

Heavy duty regional tractors depreciated an average of $610 or 1.0%, which is a tenth of a percent less than last month’s adjustment.

Depreciation of older 2003-2010 models were similar to late mode trucks.

Construction and vocational trucks dropped an average of $228 or 0.7%. Over-the-road tractors dropped an average of $373 (1.3%), while regional tractors depreciated an average of $405 or 1.7%.

"Cleaner trucks showing up at auctions, combined with pent up demand, contributed to the heavy duty truck prices leveling off toward more consistent depreciation numbers and good sales results for all categories of sellers," says Beggs. "Commercial trailers in April held their own to go along with recent truck sales figures."