Verizon Networkfleet and J.J. Keller & Associates have reached an agreement to develop the trucking industry’s first integrated, GPS fleet management solution, to provide complete performance and compliance management. 

“Verizon Networkfleet and J.J. Keller are offering a different approach to the regional and long-haul trucking markets in developing a compliance solution that includes telematics-based features for improved driver safety and efficiency,” said Clement Driscoll, founder & president of C.J. Driscoll & Associates.

With this integrated solution, Verizon Networkfleet clients will be able to manage hours of service, driver vehicle inspection reports and fuel taxes, according to Keller, offering greater ability to manage and improve scores in the federal Compliance, Safety and Accountability program, commonly known as CSA.

The J.J. Keller electronic compliance functionality will be embedded in Verizon Networkfleet hardware, which will seamlessly transfer data to the J.J. Keller Mobile app via Bluetooth technology, according to Keller.

“Due to increased regulatory scrutiny aimed at keeping the roads safer, including a potential regulation by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requiring electronic logging of drivers’ hours of service, we recognized that the time was right to introduce a comprehensive and cost-effective compliance solution,” said Joshua Haims, general manager with Verizon Networkfleet. 

A recent study conducted by the Center for Truck and Bus Safety at the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute found that trucks equipped with electronic logs experienced a 53% lower driving-related hours-of-service violation rate, an 11.7% reduction in their total crash rate and a 5.1% reduction in their preventable crash rate.

Verizon Networkfleet clients will also have access to the nation’s largest wireless network through Verizon, in addition to the ability to integrate their existing devices and tap into mobile device management expertise.

“Having been selected for our expertise in safety and compliance is a real honor, and this collaboration brings two well-respected firms together to create a one-of-a-kind solution,” said Rustin Keller, J. J. Keller’s executive vice president & COO. “The flexibility, simplicity, and affordability of our mobile platform set it apart.”