Having an appointment system for truckers serving the Port of New York and New Jersey is among one of many items being considered by a task force set up by the port to speed up truck movements at the facility.

The Journal of Commerce reports the idea, which faces intense opposition from trucking companies, is also being considered along with extending terminal gate hours, improving chassis availability and terminal customer service, as well as using technology to address chronic delays at the East Coast’s busiest port.

The 20-member task force, which includes two trucking representatives, is set to release its recommendations late next month.

In opposing an appointment system trucking companies point out they do support having a system in which they could notify port terminals of planned pickups and deliveries, as well as advise them about their availability.

The task force has also reportedly been discussing ways to meter the flow of trucks coming in and out of the facility to help reduce congestion and wait times by drivers.

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