3M and Rush Enterprises announce an agreement to pursue the design, manufacture and installation of a portfolio of compressed natural gas tanks and fuel systems for use in Class 6-8 vehicles in North America.

The agreement allows for 3M to supply tanks with proprietary technology, and for Rush Enterprises to provide enhanced fuel systems, distribution and service support.

3M launched its first CNG tank in 2013, incorporating its nanoparticle-enhanced resin technology in order to engineer tanks that are up to 30% lighter and have up to 10% more storage capacity than the market leading Type IV alternative.

Initial plans for the companies include:

  • Introduction of a new line of CNG tanks in North America for Class 6-8 vehicles, with the first tank being introduced in late 2014.
  • Launch of an advanced, lighter weight fuel system incorporating several design and material enhancements that delivers higher quality and reliability in Spring 2015.