Clean Energy Fuels has announced fueling and station construction agreements with multiple fleets.

New station construction, expanded use of existing stations as well as customized mobile fueling solutions will be used to support fleets in the heavy-duty trucking and refuse market segments.

Clean Energy to Design and Engineer LNG Station to Fuel Deployment of Kroger’s First 40 Heavy-duty LNG Trucks

  • Kroger announced plans to replace 40 diesel trucks based in Clackamas, Ore., with cleaner-burning natural gas trucks.

  • This liquified natural gas truck fleet deployment will serve Kroger’s Fred Meyer and QFC grocery chains in Oregon and Washington.

  • Clean Energy’s Facility Modification team will engineer and implement the necessary modifications to bring Kroger’s four vehicle maintenance bays in Clackamas, Ore., into code compliance for natural gas vehicles.

Photo: Evan Lockridge

Photo: Evan Lockridge

UPS Continues Largest Deployment of Heavy-Duty Natural Gas Trucks with Additional LNG and CNG Trucks

  • Ten additional LNG trucks will begin fueling at Clean Energy’s Jacksonville, Fla., station and are forecasted to consume approximately 246,000 diesel gasllon equivalents of LNG annually.

  • Five additional heavy-duty comprerssed natural gas trucks will begin fueling at Clean Energy’s station in downtown Los Angeles, Calif. The trucks are forecasted to consume approximately 96,000 DGEs of CNG annually.

  • Together these 15 heavy-duty natural gas trucks are forecasted to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 647 metric tons, the equivalent of removing 134 passenger cars from the road annually.

Hispanic Grocery Chain Cardenas Markets Signs Fueling Agreement with Clean Energy to Fuel CNG Truck Fleet

  • Cardenas will deploy 15 heavy-duty CNG trucks in its private fleet; fueling throughout Clean Energy’s network in California and Nevada. Once fully-deployed, this fleet is expected to consume approximately 300,000 DGEs of CNG per year, the equivalent of reducing greenhouse gases by approximately 695 metric tons.

  • Cardenas plans to convert its entire fleet of over 50 trucks to CNG in the coming years.