Higher taxes on diesel and gasoline will take effect on July 1 in New Hampshire.

Gov. Maggie Hassan says she will sign legislation given final approval by state lawmakers this week, raising both by four cents from the current 19.625 cents per gallon.

This marks the first increase in the state since 1991 and will still leave New Hampshire with the lowest fuel taxes in New England.

“A solid, modern transportation infrastructure is the foundation for long-term economic growth, critical to the success of New Hampshire’s people and businesses,” said Hassan. “Today’s bipartisan vote to strengthen infrastructure investment reinforces that there is broad agreement about the need to take action.”

In addition to providing more money to repair roads and bridges, additional funding will go to finish expanding Interstate 93. The tax hike will expire in about 20 years, once money that is borrowed for the route’s expansion is paid off.

Some trucking interests argued against the bill saying it will result in higher prices for consumers while others pushed to allow casino gambling in the state to bring in money for roads.