Photo: Evan Lockridge

Photo: Evan Lockridge

Marten Transport, a Wisconsin-based carrier, is making a change to its automatic driver detention pay program, which will now compensate drivers after just one hour.

Beginning in June, Marten drivers will receive automatic detention pay on all loads after just one hour. In order to receive this additional pay, drivers must follow the company’s detention policy, which includes arriving on time for pick up or delivery; sending the appropriate macros; and the arrival and release times documented on the paperwork.

If drivers are not loaded or unloaded within an hour, their detention pay begins automatically. The hourly rate for hour 1-2 will be $10 per hour, paid in 15-minute increments. The second hour of wait time and on will be paid the normal automatic detention rate of $20 per hour. Marten plans to increase the first hour rate in September by at least $2 and will eventually bring the pay up to $20 per hour to match the rest of the automatic detention pay.

Marten rolled out its automatic detention pay program in 2011. The company started by paying drivers $10 per hour and eventually raised the payout to $20 per hour once it obtained detention charges from customers.