The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has announced a date of April 29 and 30 has been set for the next meeting of the Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee's Compliance, Safety, Accountability subcommittee in Arlington, Va.

According to a Federal Register notice it will discuss ideas, concepts, and suggestions about the FMCSA's CSA program with the intent of preparing a report for submission to the full committee in May. It will also continue its efforts to identify and make recommendations for enhancements to the CSA program including the Safety Measurement System and the interventions/investigative processes, as well as prioritize recommended enhancements to CSA.

MCSAC is made up of 20 voting representatives from safety advocacy, safety enforcement, labor and industry stakeholders in motor carrier safety and is charged with providing advice and recommendations to the FMCSA on motor carrier safety programs and motor carrier safety regulations

The meeting will be held from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Federal Highway Administration's National Highway Institute. There will be a public comment period each day.

An agenda for the meeting will be made available in advance of the meeting on the MCSAC website.