MATS, LOUISVILLE -- SmartTruck’s UT6Plus aerodynamic device provides the fuel saving performance required by EPA SmartWay to deliver at least 9% improvement in fuel economy, qualifying for SmartWay's new Elite level. SmartTruck claims it is the only standalone product to provide Elite-level aerodynamic savings.

“The new Elite level from SmartWay is a very aggressive performance level for a single product,” said Mike Henderson, chief scientist for SmartTruck. “While there are a wide variety of aerodynamic products out in the market from a host of companies that can be pieced together and added to a trailer to deliver SmartWay qualifying savings, our SmartTruck UT6Plus product is a ‘one-stop-shop’ to attain SmartWay Elite status—one product from one company.”

The UT6Plus product’s fuel savings were verified based on multiple testing protocols, according to the company, including coastdown testing and computational fluid dynamics testing that is validated by dozens of fleets and owner-operators who benefit from the Elite-level product performance in actual, real-world service.

“Once we completed our fuel testing of SmartTruck’s UT6Plus, we made the decision to remove our skirts and tails and replace them with SmartTruck’s product,” said Randolph Crowder, VP of maintenance for Carolina Cargo. “The overall fuel savings were greater, and it was clear to us that the maintenance and durability was far superior.”

In addition to fuel savings, SmartTruck products are so durable that the company has also introduced a new 15-year limited warranty on its UnderTray products. More details on the warranty are available on the SmartTruck website.